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Dr. Alexander Calatzis


About Dr. Alexander Calatzis

Hello My Name Is Dr. Alexander Calatzis 

I would like to introduce myself and tell you about the 

private mental health practice i opened in the  lovely city of limassol.

I am 49 years old and a specialist in psychiatry and psycotherapeutic  medicine , licensed as a physician and specialist in Cyprus and Germany .

I was trained in Germany where i worked for 23 years as a physician, in the last 12 years as a senior specialist in a private medical health care center in Germany.

I came to Cyprus because my oldest daughter had become ill in Germany and got well due to good nutrition and good climate of Cyprus .

The reason being why i left my practice in Germany and came with my wife and 3 children to stay permanently and exclusively in Cyprus.

I would be very pleased to offer you psychiatric care along with psychotherapy.

To book an appointment please contact me at  95 599401

I will be delighted to meet and assist you.


Curriculum Vitae

I studied medicine at the medical school of the technical university of Munich where I graduated in June 1995.

In 2001 I received my doctorate of medicine 

During my specialization I worked in hospitals with the highest level of medical services in Germany.

In particular I was in the department of internal medicine at the Munich-Harlaching hospital for 15 mounts (Academic Hospital of the university of Munich), at the Vinzenz von paul psychiatric Hospital (supplying an area of approximately 600,000 inhabitants) for 19 mounts at the Buching psychosomatic clinic for 24 months, at the department of psychosomatic medicine in the clinic of internal medicine at the university of Regensburg for 36 months

In 2004 after receiving my speciality I got the approval to provide medical services within the German Health Insurance System and opened a private practice in Augsburg.

From 2006 until 2017 I was a senior partner in the private medical health care centre in Haunstetten I Had about 200 patients contacts per month ( average duration of 25-50 minutes ) , I provided care for more than 400 patients a year providing psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological treatments for the whole range of mental disorders .


First Visit And Why Its Hard 

The first visit to the psychiatrist-psychotherapist - Is a hard step to take.


The first step in the right direction often seems to be the most difficult one. It should not be.

After the first visit you will be able to decide whether psychotherapy or other treatment is appropriate for you and you will be able to make the decision about the next visit.

You have no obligation to continue the treatment if you think it is no longer necessary. A treatment ends when the patient - and no one else - feels he has achieved his or her goal or considers that this treatment is not appropriate. Of course it would be very useful to ask the psychiatrist-psychotherapist's professional opinion, but the final decision can only be taken by the patient.

What can patients do who have limited time or limited finances? In this case, it is essential to discuss the limitations with me in order to be able to choose realistic goals under these circumstances.

So the first visit is and will be always just one visit. After this visit you will decide if you still want a further visit.

There is a good reason why you are thinking about visiting a psychiatrist-psychotherapist and unfortunately your problems will not go away if you ignore them.

Do not waste another day because with the right help you can overcome your problems of stress, depression or any other mental issues.

I would be glad to meet you and help you,


Why A Psychiatrist Or Psychotherapist?

Why do I need to visit a psychiatrist-psychotherapist?

If you have the following thoughts or questions than it is worth a visit, because every day we feel bad can be a lost

day, with the right treatment it could become a better day.


You feel bad or tired or off track


Your energy is diminishing without being able to change it


Fear, sadness or anxiety prevents you from experiencing the life you want to live

You avoid actions or obligations that you should do, often without knowing why


People in your environment do not understand you or you do not understand their behavior

You are arguing with the people you love without knowing why


You are often angry without knowing why


You have the feeling that other people are insulting you all the time


You feel isolated


You must repeat acts that seem strange or meaningless but you cannot stop while you lose very precious time


You suffer from physical symptoms and the doctors you visited could not help you and/or did not give you enough explanation for your pain, or they said it is something psychosomatic


You care or support people in your family but communication becomes more and more difficult


You know you suffer from depression, phobias, anxiety, bipolar or obsessive-compulsive or personality or other mental disorder


You have questions about your psychiatric medication and/or you want to reduce your medication or stop it


You want to know if you are taking the most appropriate medicine for your condition


You want a second opinion



I provide a range of comprehensive mental health care services


►Psychotherapy and psychoeducation

►Psychopharmacological treatment

►Treatment and management of all mental disorders, such as

• Anxiety

• Stress and burn out

• Psychosomatic disorders

• Depression

• Bipolar disorder



•Personality disorders

•Managing pain with a psychosomatic approach

diagnosis and management of autism spectrum disorders in children and adults

Sessions can be held in English, Greek or German. 

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Practice Location

Georgiou Averof 11, Limassol 3061

Tel: 95 599401

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